Ingrid Weyland was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Being part of a family of sculptors and architects, she grew up among coloured pencils, art papers, blueprints, inks, and clay. Her passion for form, image, and composition arises from them, which led her to study Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and set up her own practice.  Later she decided to dedicate herself to learning photography, something she had always been passionate about, attending several workshops by Ana Sánchez Zinny, Angela Copello, Fabiana Barreda, Julieta Escardó, Juan Brath, Proyecto Imaginario, and Verónica Fieiras, amongst others. Initially a portrait photographer, Ingrid now focuses on evocative landscapes expressing fragility of the natural environment. 


In my travels around the world, from southern Argentina to the ice sheet of Greenland, I have always been drawn to solitary and silent sceneries. They are to me places of shelter and protection, private sanctuaries. These feelings inspired me to devise a way in which I could try to reciprocate Nature’s offering. My work is therefore a tribute to these emotional refuges, to places that have suffered terrible environmental ravage. It may also be a farewell to them.

Through the materiality of the printed image, I intend to highlight the violent damage inflicted upon the sceneries I photograph, by manipulating and distorting my own landscapes. These landscapes that at first glance would seem pristine and immaculate, upon a closer look reveal deterioration and disintegration.

I see my work as a wake-up call - a way of chalenging our relationship with the natural world. It is said that a wrinkled piece of paper can never regain its original shape; the trace persists. In the same way, nature which is disrespectfully invaded is forever broken, and many times unrecoverable.