This series is about ‘warmth, family, bridging borders and traditions’ in a country that adopted the artist and family with bitter sweet love. Homecoming is a celebration and it has always been an overwhelming one for Hemangini. Across the Indian ocean, are her brothers, sisters, her folks, family and her friends. She cherishes both the Indian and Malawian culture.

‘homecoming II’

acrylic on canvas
2021 Note: This artwork glows under UV.


acrylic on canvas
2020 Note: This artwork glows under UV.

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acrylic on canvas
2020 Note: This artwork glows under UV.mama,
we slept with our doors open
and even welcomed the broken
we looked up at the only sky
and walked away with a sweet goodbye
I don’t understand
these racists
these civil forces
these democrats and their democracy
these storymakers and their stories
these noisy bastards who
stay numb when the nation burns
yes mama, I don't understand
and i'll never understand
or maybe i'd rather not understand

‘Annie’s shop’

Visual inspirations/mood boards from a market in Mzuzu, Malawi