The only mountain range Hemangini has spent time learning and unlearning are The Himalaya. Visit after visit, passing through valleys in the lower Himalaya, spending evolutionary weeks, absorbing and observing, they left her in "awe and fear" just as Stephan Alter says. "The Himalaya contain places of terrifying beauty, vertiginous terrain and extremes of weather that inspire both awe and fear. With their immense grandeur they appear to have been around in perpetuity despite the fact that these are among the youngest mountains on earth and continue rising several millimeters every year." "At times, these mountains seem almost alive for they are always changing." - Stephan Alter Here's where her journey begins and Stephan Alter's 'wild Himalaya' is her map. Once said by a vedic sage, "in a thousand ages of the gods, I cannot tell you all the glories of the Himalaya".

‘once upon a full moon’

oil on canvas

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'dishing out'

these mountains
they are living
growing inch by inch
at times, they fall and shatter
at times, they flow and freeze
at times, they breathe and heal
at times, they weep and peel

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'a climb a day'

i am the body
your soul lies on
i am the matter
of His ignition
indivisible and cold
forceful in the air I touch
through the skin
and above the waters
living and shedding
as fall breathes
dusk and dawn
mighty men for I am
make no wounds
for I am the body

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'garden of stones'

when you make a garden
don't move the stones away
...let them be by the weeds
for their ears long a voice
tell them a story...
of yesterday...
of your nonsensical humour...
of blues ringing all day and
the greys floating as they may...
of early divine words...
of pride and honour...
of the soul that now resists...
and while the garden blooms
and the mozart rise and fall
there she stands...
as solid as them

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'let the river flow'

gurgling and babbling in dreams
flowing and frothing in streams
from the glaciers she weeps
down the valley she sleeps
with rapids and ripples
she teases and tickles
under the Himalayan skies
she lives and she thrives
bit by bit
she split
from that day, and night
she turned white
soon the pine needles fall
and the forktail start to call
i held her in pain
now the rest in grief remain
she left me with her bubbles
and moved on from troubles
next to her I sit, all dry
waiting and watching till I sigh
when the dark sky walks in
there she comes again
in her new avatar
the cloudburst strikes
and the fragile land slides!



mixed media on canvas

‘uncertain, sacred and living’

acrylic on linen

‘a mountain she is’

mixed media on fabric
a mountain
she is
as tall as the cloud
untouched and vowed
she calls out the wild
like a mother to her child
she meets the stars
and embraces the scars
she flows down the plains
With iron in her veins
She spreads her wings
And flies high in rings
A mountain
she is
the hand of the supreme,
and protector of the realm


mixed media on canvas
Note: This artwork glows under UV.

the journey to the sky
by my ever-growing body
absorbing evolving
early sunlight hues
lazy laidback noons
hustling in tones
beneath their tranquil zones
do you see it
or is it covered
the further we go
the clearer it gets
the blanket folds
and 'oh my himalaya’
do you see it
the journey and beyond
these are visionary
visionary dreams
and ultraviolet

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‘the range’

mixed media on canvas

‘remembering Brahma’

mixed media on canvas