Hemangini Maharaul is a contemporary visual artist based in Bangalore, India. Her art journey sprouts from the lands of Malawi, Africa where she spent her early years. After moving back to India, she continued her interest in art and went to an art school in Pune for 3 years, and has been exhibiting widely since 2010. Her earlier works comprise of expressionism, highlighting various social contexts such as discrimination against women and power equations in society, politics of life as well as gender, race and class hierarchy.

The artist in her blends seamlessly with that of the environmentalist, her journey has now led her to dive deep into the ethos of nature. In her works, she emphasizes on the majestic existence of nature.  

Her works present changing faces of the earth as they slowly get disfigured and dysfunctional through the chosen paths of runaway development and poor policies. Her works do not pretend to offer solutions to these complex and often intertwined issues. They only seek to inform in order to raise awareness of the seriousness and to inspire public engagement.