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This self-confessed child of nature spends most of her time amongst mountains, lakes and forests and the richness of that experience fuels her art with palpable freshness and a unique sense of rawness. Employing raw environmental art forms and innovative installations, she makes an earnest appeal to her audience, ‘Preserve the planet.’ Her mission for conservation is conveyed by the use of creative art structures that remind us of the constant badgering our delicate ecosystems are being subjected to.

The avid traveller in her documents her travel experiences and integrates them deftly into her artworks. The result? An unconventional and exciting series of art offerings that uses exotic cultures, languages, destinations, familiarity and everyday stories of people as a backcloth for her painting surfaces. Hemangini is also an artist who draws her energy and zeal from music. Through her catalogues, she is constantly exploring ways in which she can bring music and art under the same roof, whilst employing methods that can bring forth the complex yet delightful relationship between mass media and visual arts.

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A friend of the earth, a visual storyteller, an aspiring altruist, Hemangini Maharaul is an artist with a difference. Having had the privilege of being raised between Malawi, the land of serene beauty and landscapes and India, the land of diverse religions, languages and cultures, Hemangini has used that honour well. Her artworks resound with influences from the terra firma of Africa and India. As a visual artist, she often borrows inspiration from the fierce undertones of contemporary African art and the rich cultural vibrancy of the Indian diaspora. Outcome? A fusion of mind-arresting colours, consciousness-expanding psychedelic layers and contemplative modern perspectives!


Solo Show, ‘Progressive’, XU Leela Palace, Bangalore, India


‘The Dragonfly’ Stage, Echoes of Earth Festival, Bangalore, India


‘Dragonfly’ Installation, Echoes of Earth Festival, Bangalore, India


Group Show, 'Lake of stars’, Mangochi, Malawi


Group Show, 'Game of Life’, Golf Course, Pune, India


Group Show, 'Game of Life’, Ark Gallery, Pune, India


Solo Show, Amanora Mall, Pune, India


Group Show, J. W. Marriott, Pune, India